Музей Ветра

  • Нур-Султан

Winds Gallery. Modernist aesthetics in Astana. Kazakhstan. Construction beginning 2022.

Due to the constant wind in the region, the Winds Gallery project assumes absolute autonomy for the entire life of the complex and the surrounding area. The project provides for the power supply of the complex, with rotor horizontal wind turbines, performed according to the constructive principle of Shukhov, is carried out on an operated roof, which are easily scalable, from one to several dozen. The power of each turbine is varied from 7 kWh to 15 kWh. The total number of turbines is 24 pcs. Horizontal rotary turbines are silent and do not transmit vibration to the structures, suitable for use in harsh regions such as deserts and the far north. Horizontal wind generators are also safe for birds.

The double-glazed window is used, the use of translucent solar PV elements such as Pilkington Sunplus. Roof glazing, developed in the following version: triplex 60 mm / doubleglazed window with electric heating / effective double-glazed window with inert gas xeon 100% or krypton - 100% / doubleglazed window with transparent solar panel Pilkington Sunplus. The territory of the complex, pave the glass paving tiles Onyx Solar with integrated solar panels.
Sustainable architecture is, first of all, technologies and measures for energy and resource saving. The construction of the building, and improvement territory, provides for drainage of storm and melt waters to use for the technical needs of the complex. The Heating and air conditioning by heat pump.

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